How much does a concrete driveway cost?

Cost per square meter ranges from $85-175

Concrete, the most popular driveway material, is durable lasting a minimum of 30 years and requires very little maintenance. The cost can be quite reasonable for plain concrete but will increase if you require coloured concrete, acid washes, concrete sealer or decorative concrete, i.e – Exposed aggregate. If installed improperly a concrete driveway may crack, or left cosmetically unpleasing so it’s worth paying extra for a professional contractor.

Additional factors that may increase driveway cost:

  • Slopes
  • Curves
  • Drains
  • Complex designs
  • Lots of grading

Why do I need concrete cuts?

Concrete cutting also is known as stress cutting in the concrete world, is something required to avoid ugly cracks all over your nice new job. By making controlled cuts with a concrete saw, you’re allowing the concrete to break right where you have put the cuts, creating a weak point in the concrete. When the concrete wants to crack, it breaks down the cut lines, as they become the weakest point in the concrete. If it’s footpaths or a small job we use a combination of control joints and concrete cutting.

Concrete cuts are 1/4 of the original thickness. i.e if the concrete were 100mm thick we would run a 25mm saw cut down it.

Concrete cutting takes place 3-5 days after the concrete is poured & before acid washing.

What is acid washing and why do I need it?

Acid washing is done 5-7 days after concrete is poured, using a hydrochloric acid mix. During the first stages of concrete curing, it will release calcium salts “Efflorescence”.

This will leave white patches all over your new concrete job. We recommend acid washing a job off within a 2-week time frame.

What are the benefits of concrete sealing?

Concrete sealers protect your concrete surfaces and produce an attractive finish that is easier to clean and maintain. The sealer works by blocking the pores of the concrete and providing a protective layer that helps stop dirt becoming ingrained and reduces colour fading. The primer is designed to penetrate into the surface with a slow evaporative process and enhance the adhesion of the Sealer top coat. Sealing concrete will darken the colour of the concrete surface, giving it a more aesthetic appeal.

How can I order your concrete services?

Place an order via our online form and indicate the required information concerning your concrete project – and all this in several clicks! Our managers will contact you in a timely manner to discuss the details of concrete placing of your project.

Which concrete services do you offer?

At James Owen Concrete Services, we offer you a wide range of services that will cover you at all stages of your concrete project – beginning from excavation and project planning and ending with concrete placing and cutting. Concrete driveways, patios, walls, and footpaths – everything is possible with James Owen Concrete Services!

How long will the construction last?

The duration of the construction works for your concrete project depends on its complicity and specific features. For example, standard double-wide driveways usually take up to three days, from the removal of the topsoil or previous concrete to the full completion of your project.

How can I be sure that your concrete services are reliable?

Our James Owen Concrete Services team consists of experienced workers who go through our thorough selection. Moreover, the founder and the owner of the company, James Owen, has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, which altogether helps us to retain one of the leading positions on the market.

How much does a concrete driveway or other concrete project cost?

The cost of your project depends on many factors such as the amount of required concrete, additional services (topsoil removal, excavation etc.), specific features and other aspects. Contact us today to get your personal quote!

Is it possible to reduce the cost of my concrete project?

There are many ways to save money on your concrete project, such as choosing poor quality cheap materials or selecting unexperienced unlicensed concrete contractors. However, we would certainly not recommend you doing that – the concrete is a foundation for your house or a driveway for years, and you would barely like to see how it is giving more and more holes day by day.

The most reliable method to reduce the total cost of your concrete placing or cutting project is to team up with your neighbors who are also seeking concrete services. Thus, you would be able to save some money on our concrete delivery services!

Why is my concrete driveway is covered by dark and light spots?

Don’t worry – it might take up to 3 months for moisture to fully evaporate from the concrete. After this your concrete driveway or any other concrete project will have a plain color!

What are your open hours?

Open hours are from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday.